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How it works

How much funding do you offer?
How do you calculate my offer?
What do I need to do to qualify for an advance?
Can I receive more than one advance at a time?
How long does the whole process take?
How does it work?
How do I apply?


How is my fee set?
Is there any application fee?
What fee do you charge?


When does repayment start?
Does the repayment percentage ever change?
How long does repayment take
What is my repayment percentage?
How long does the whole process take?
How is the funding and fee repaid?


What other info do you need?
Why do you need my bank account information?
How do you secure my company information?
Can I apply for funding if I have a business partner?

Using funds

How can I use my funds?
How soon can I use the funds?
How can I see my payment history?
How do I manage my funding deal?


Where can I find the details for my marketing card?
My marketing card has been declined. What do I do?
How do I get an Outfund marketing card?
What is an Outfund marketing card?
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